All About Zonkeys

A Zonkey, also known as a Z-Donk, is the rare cross between a Zebra and a Donkey. Zonkeys develop a wide range of color and striping. Like mules, this species cross makes Zonkeys sterile, or unable to reproduce. We currently have a brother/sister pair at the farm! Learn more about them below.

Meet the Herd!


Breed: Zonkey
Birthday: February 2, 2018

Mschango, meaning surprise in Swahili, is our male Zonkey. He loves attention and is quite demanding of it from visitors! 

Mschango carries more of the Zebra traits than his sister, Kazooey. His light coat, white ears, and small frame frame are more Zebra characteristics. He also has much more pronounced stripes on his legs, back, and face. Mschango is very sassy and loves attention. Don’t worry, if you miss him when you walk by he will bray as loud as possible and let you know. He is also known to get into mischief and likes to pull off farmhand’s pockets and belt loops when they are not looking. 

Mschango will great you at the gate when you are visiting the farm and loves neck rubs and snacks! 


Breed: Zonkey
Birthday: February 8, 2017

Kazooey is our larger female Zonkey and is growing in social skills every day. She has came along way from when she arrived and would not let anyone near her.

Kazooey carries more of the donkey traits than her little brother, Mschango. Her darker coat makes her stripes harder to spot, but they are usually more prevalent in the summer before her winter coat grows out! Kazooey is usually more cautious of new things than Mschango and takes a while to warm up to people. Recently, she has made great strides and seems less nervous around visitors, as long as her brother is not far away! 

When you visit the farm, Kazooey likes to hang out in the barn and munch on some hay or hang out by the river in the bottom of their enclosure. 

Fun Facts about Zonkeys

  1. Zonkey is a zebroid, or zebra hybrid, created by breeding a zebra and donkey. Due to a different chromosome number, these hybrids are rare.
  2. Zonkeys can reach 3.5-5 feet high and weigh up to 700 pounds.
  3. Zonkeys develop a wide range of colors, but are traditionally light grey or brown with prominent black stripes on the legs and/or belly. Usually their belly and ears are also lighter in color. 
  4. Zonkeys can run up to 35mph.
  5. Like mules, Zonkeys are sterile and cannot reproduce.
  6. Zonkeys average lifespan is 15-25 years.