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We are open to the public Thursday-Sunday!

We are open to the general public weekly from Thursday-Sunday. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door for general admission. Additional feed cups and animal encounters are available at the door. We recommend all guests bring or wear close-toed shoes, especially if they would like to participate in the encounters.


Thursday-Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM – 6 PM

Animal Highlight: African Spurred Tortoise

Admission Options

General Admission

Online or At the Door

Adults (16+): $9:00
Senior (65+)/Students: $8.00
Children (3-15): $7:00
Toddlers (-2): Free

group admission (20+)

Online Reservations Required 1 Week Prior

Adults (16+): $9:00
Senior (65+)/Students: $8.00
Children (3-15): $7:00
Toddlers (-2): Free


Valid though December 31, 2023

Family Membership: $138
Adults (16+): $48
Senior (65+)/Students: $42
Children (3-15): $28

Military + First Responders receive 20% off tickets + membership pricing. 

Sensory Sensitive Admission Options

We have early/late admission option along with individual encounters for our sensory-sensitive visitors at no additional cost. Please connect with us for special arrangements.


From Downtown Anderson
  1. Take S Murray Avenue from Main Street
  2. Turn right on Sayre Street and continue on Highway 29 South
  3. Turn right on Norris Road (S-04-104)
  4. We are on the right!

From I85 North
  1. Take Exit 21 on US-178 towards Liberty/Anderson
  2. Take a slight right turn on Highway 28.
  3. Turn right on Whitehall Road
  4. Turn left on New Hope Road
  5. Turn right on Norris Road (S-04-104)
  6. We are on the left!
From I85 South
  1. Take Exit 11 on US-24 towards Anderson/Townville
  2. Turn left on Smith Chapel Road
  3. Turn right on Highway 24
  4. Turn right on Highway 187
  5. Turn left on Dobbins Bridge Road
  6. Turn right on Norris Road (S-04-104)
  7. We are on the left!
From Hartwell, GA
  1. Take Highway 29 towards Anderson, SC
  2. Turn left on Norris Road (S-04-104)
  3. We are on the right! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of admission?

Adults (+16): $9.00

Military, Senior (+65), Students: $8.00

Children (15-3): $7.00

Toddlers: Free 

What are your hours?

We are currently open Thursday-Saturday from 9 AM – 6PM and Sunday 1 PM – 6 PM.

Do you have to preorder tickets?

No you do not have to purchase tickets in advance. We take cash and card at the door.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes we do have annual membership options! View Memberships here:

Where do you get your animals?

Most of animals are raised on the farm or donated through our animal rescue program. We currently have 80 animal rescues and counting. Our rescues vary from minor concerns to severe health issues that require ongoing treatment. We love all of our animals and make sure all rescues will be able to permanently stay at the farm or are 100% healthy before they will be eligible for adoption. 

Learn more about our animal rescues here.

How much time/care does it take to run the farm?

The farm is a 24 hour job. Animal welfare is our #1 priority and we spend a great deal of time and effort making sure our animals receive the highest quality care possible. We are a USDA accredited facility and take great pride in our Class C Exhibitor certification. 

We typically go through about 4,800lbs of hay and 1,600 of grain every month feeding all of our animals. Each species has a specific diet and nutrition plan based on their heath needs, age, and weight.

Aren’t all of the treats bad for the animals?

We use Purina & Mazuri animal feed, supplements, and treats. All of our treats are hay-based and do not include excess sugars. This means it does not effect their natural diet and are completely safe for them to eat.

Do the people stress the animals out?

We designed the farm so pens were only accessible on one or two sides. Animals are not forced to interact with guests and can retreat to the back of their pens at any time. All of their shelters are also turned away from guests so they can rest in their barns or houses and not be bothered. 

However, Our animals are extremely spoiled and love attention. This has not been a problem since we opened, even on the busiest days! 

Hands-On Animal Encounters

One of the things that makes Ballyhoo unique is our hands-on animal encounters with our farm animals and exotic species ambassadors with our 25+ species.


We strive to make our facility as accessible and accommodating to guests as possible. We offer early/late admission, individual encounters, quiet zones, and masked interactions upon request at no additional cost. Please contact us or read our accessibility options by clicking the link below.

When You Visit


Throughout the zoo, we have packed, crushed gravel pathways. Most of the pathways are at a 5% grade or less. Our animals are around the outside of the property to minimize the amount of walking. We also have benches and viewing areas throughout the zoo.


We have a ADA restroom and ramps to our entrance and exit. Restroom does have hot water and soap for guests to wash their hands after animal encounters. Hand sanitizer is throughout the zoo as well for guests to use. We also have a first aid station in the gift shop.


We have special accommodation options for guests that are high risk or have mobility, sensory, or autoimmune concerns. This includes masked encounters, early/late admission, and quiet zones. There is no additional cost for these accommodations, but we do ask for prior notice of your visit.

Farm Rules & Safety Guidelines

Farm Rules:

  1. An adult must accompany children at all times. Children are anyone under the age of 15. Adult is anyone over the age of 18. Accompanied means within sight distance and normal speaking volume distance of an adult. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the child the entire time they are on the property. Parents/Guardians are expected to correct the child’s behavior to follow our safety guidelines. Children who cannot follow the safety guidelines will be asked to leave, and an accompanying adult can wait with them in the gift shop or picnic area until the rest of their party is finished.
  2. Do not climb on fencing or enter animal enclosures/restricted areas. This includes but is not limited to: animal pens, barns, and gated areas. Guests are only allowed to hold animals  and enter pens during timed interactions with a staff member. 
  3. Follow all safety guidelines verbally provided or posted for animal interactions. This includes but is not limited to: posted safety feeding signage posted “do not feed” signage, and do not enter signage. Visitors that open pens, enter pens, feed outside food, climb gates, climb fences, lean on fences, or damage enclosures in any way will be asked to leave.
  4. DO NOT HAND FEED THE PIGS FOR ANY REASON. This includes all swine in all areas of the Farm, regardless of age, breed, size, or disposition.
  5. Do not roughhouse, chase, or intentionally harm one of our animals, grounds, or games/interactions. 
  6. Do not feed animals food that has not been provided in animal feed cups. This includes but is not limited to outside fruits or vegetables, snacks, drinks, or animal food. Animals can only eat Mazuri Petting Zoo treats provided in animal feed cups.
  7. No alcohol, weapons, smoking, or pets

Waiver of Liability

By entering the Farm, you give the right to sue for any injury or damage howsoever caused, Ballyhoo Petting Zoo, of Anderson, South Carolina (hereinafter referred to collectively as “The Farm”) and owners, employees, representative officers, and agents (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Farmhands”).

  1. I agree as a precondition to my participation in the petting zoo or field trip, birthday party, or special event organized by the Farm and/or its Farmhands, conducted by the Farm or its Farmhands, and in further consideration of the Farm allowing me to do so, to be strictly bound by the terms of my admission.
  2. I acknowledge that petting zoo activities involve inherent risks that may cause serious injury to participants. I fully understand the risks and dangers associated with my child’s or personal participation and accept them entirely at my own risk.
  3. I hereby waive any and all claims which I may have against the Farm and/or Farmhands, and release the Farm and its Farmhands from all liability for injury, death, property damage, or any other loss sustained by me or my child (or the child I am representing) as a result of my/their participation in the Farm, due to any cause whatsoever including without limitation, negligence on the part of the Farm or its Farmhands, for any and all legal fees (on a solicitor and his own client basis) or costs which may be incurred in defending any lawsuit or claim I may bring against them.
  4. I appreciate that this agreement applies whether the Farm is at fault or not, and it limits the liability of the Employees to the same extent as it limits the liability of The Farm even though The Farmhands are not formal parties to this agreement. I understand further that the Farm in securing execution of This agreement by myself, is acting as agent or trustee on behalf of or for the benefit of The Farmhands who shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to this agreement.