All About Pigs!

We have four different types of pigs on the farm: Juliana, Miniature Pot Belly, Standard Pot Belly, and American Guinea Hog. There are currently 12 pigs and 7 new piglets living on the farm ranging from 2 pounds to 150 pounds. 16 of the 19 pigs are rescues. 

Meet the Herd


Breed: Mini Potbelly
Birthday: August 22, 2020

Gerald and his sisters, Peach and Emma, were the first pigs at the farm! When they arrived, he only weighed 4 pounds.

We asked our little farmhand, Gemma, what we should name the little boy piglet when he arrived. She said, “Gerald, obviously,” with no hesitation. The triplets had never been handled when they arrived, and Gerald was particularly skittish and deceptively fast. 

Gerald will most likely be with his friend, Dudley, in the swimming pools.


Breed: Mini Potbelly
Birthday: August 22, 2020

Peach arrived with the triplets in November 2020 at the farm. She was the smallest, weighing only 3 pounds.

Peach is the most laid back of the three siblings and usually is content in her pen while her brother and sister gets into all sorts of mischief. Miss Peach likes to relax in the sun and play with her friend, Wilma, who is usually not far behind her. She is usually the easiest of the triplets to spot.

Peach will probably be relaxing by her friends in the sun when you visit.


Breed: Mini Potbelly
Birthday: August 22, 2020

Emma is one of the smaller pigs at the farm, but don’t let her size fool you. Miss Emma is defiantly the boss of the herd. 

Emma quickly took charge of her small herd when the triplets arrived. She is the boldest of all of the pigs and always looking for something to get into. As more pigs were added to the herd, Emma made sure to tell them who was the boss (even if they were twice her size!)

Emma will usually be right in front when you visit greeting visitors and getting snacks. 


Breed: Julianna Pig
Birthday: April 4, 2019

Miss Truffles is our one-eared wonder pig. She was our first pig rescue at the farm, and has had quite the recovery story.

Truffles arrived pregnant with her baby, Wilma, after she was attacked by a stray dog. She sustained pretty significant injuries to her face, neck, and front leg. She lost her right ear and received 30 staples from her right eye down her shoulder to her elbow. Surprisingly, Truffles made a full recovery and had five happy, healthy piglets named Mushroom, Porky, Pumba, Freckle, and Wilber. Mushroom, Pumba, and Wilber still live at the farm. Porky and Freckle now live with our little helper, Gemma. They will remain together. 

Miss Truffles is a laid back piggy and likes to rest in the sunshine now. This is most likely where she will be when you visit the farm! 


Breed: Julianna Pig
Birthday: October 15, 2020 

Little Wilma is the smallest pig on the farm, weighing approximately 20 pounds. She arrived with her mom, Truffles and is the only girl with many little brothers. 

Wilma and her mom Truffles came to the farm together, but while Truffles was in quarantine, Wilma bonded with the other pigs. Now, Wilma and Peach are an inseparable pair and are always together relaxing and playing. These two are perfectly content to snuggle in the barn and lay in the sunshine all day. Wilma is adjusting to life as a big sister, but doesn’t seem to mind her little brothers who just moved in with her!

When visiting the farm, Wilma will surely be close to Peach relaxing and sunbathing. 


Breed: Julianna Pig
Birthday: February 22, 2021 

Mushroom is the oldest of the first babies born at the farm! These miracle babies weighed less than a pound at birth, and we love them more and more every day!

Mushroom is the only piglet with color that was born in this litter, so he has always stood out from the brothers. As a baby, he loved to be held and was our best piglet for piglet palooza. He is a very relaxed little piglet, which can sometimes make training with him difficult. He is usually the last of the piglets to pick up new tricks, but is still the friendliest of the brothers and loves ear scratches when he isn’t exploring. 

There’s no telling where Mushroom will be when you visit! This little guy is zooming all over the farm.


Breed: Julianna Pig
Birthday: February 22, 2021

Wilber is the biggest of Truffle’s boys, almost double the size of his brothers at birth. This boy never misses a snack opportunity. 

This chunky boy is very food motivated and loves to give “fist bumps” to visitors for snacks! He also knows to come, sit, crate, and spin. Wilber loves making friends and greeting all of the other farm animals on his morning walks around the farm. 

When you visit, Wilber will most likely greet you at the gift shop entrance in his pen with Miss Bonnie. 


Breed: Julianna Pig
Birthday: February 22, 2021

Pumba lives up to his namesake and is a very “no worries” boy. He loves to play and is a very fast learner when we have our weekly training sessions. 

Pumba is a very smart piglet and is always the first to pick up new tricks. Although, he is also usually the first to get into mischief and likes to find ways to cheat to get treats before his brothers. We are very excited to add some more enrichment items for this guy to play with in the near future. 

Pumba will be right beside his brother, Wilber, when you visit trying to sneak his snacks! 


Breed: Potbelly Pig
Birthday: January 8, 2016

Myrtle is the biggest pig at the farm, weighing about 150 pounds! She is another one of our rescue stories. 

Myrtle was given to us by her previous owner after she was attacked by a dog. No longer able to free roam the property, her owners felt rehoming her to the farm would give her a better quality of life. Myrtle had an adjustment period when she arrived, since she had never lived with other pigs before. Now myrtle is happy, healthy, and thriving with the herd. 

Myrtle will be laying right under the feeding tubes when you visit the farm waiting to greet visitors and get some snacks! 


Breed: American Guinea Hog/Potbelly
Birthday: December 3, 2020

Dudley is a fast-growing little guy and quite the escape artist! This little rescue came to live with us at just one month old.

Dudley came from an American Guinea Hog farm after a stray potbelly pig broke into the pen with their sow. The accidental pregnancy resulted in 13 girls and one little boy. We took Dudley in to live with our boy pig, Gerald, so he could be weaned and still live with other piglets. 

Dudley’s long legs make him very fast and surprisingly, an excellent climber. Yes, he can climb! Any nook, cranny, or loose wire, you better believe he will find it and escape. He even learned to climb the gates and jump through the tops. 

Dudley has finally outgrown all of his escape hatches and we replaced all of the pig gates to some Dudley-proof ones. When you visit he will (hopefully) be with the rest of his friends in the pen!


Breed: Potbelly
Birthday: March 2, 2011

Miss Bonnie is our oldest pig at about 10 years old. This old girl is retiring here after her other pig friend past away. 

Bonnie arrived with a couple health issues due to her weight and age. She had a few slipped discs in her back, causing her some issues walking. She also had dermatitis and a pretty serious ear infection. After a few months of TLC, we have Bonnie at a healthy weight and a clean bill of health. We will continue to monitor her quality of life as she gets older, but for now she’s a happy old pig! 

Miss Bonnie does not get along with some of the bigger pigs, so she lives with Truffle’s babies in a separate pen and likes her little roommates! When you visit, she is usually laying under her tent in front of the gift shop.


Breed: Potbelly
Birthday: Unknown

Rosie and her friend, Watermelon, were brought to us by a concerned neighbor who found them abandoned.

Despite being a little underweight, miss Rosie is in great shape and we think she is about three years old. Rosie is very friendly and loves to jump up on people like a dog and belly rubs. We have not been able to locate her owner, so she will have a home with us while we get her up to a healthy weight. We also have some concerned she could be pregnant, so we are waiting on some bloodwork to hear if more piglets will be on the way! 

Rosie will most likely meet you at the gate by the entrance before you enter the farm or be relaxing in the house by the gift shop.


Breed: Potbelly
Birthday: Unknown

Watermelon is our unique little blue eyed rescue! She was brought to us by a neighbor after she and her friend, Rosie, were found abandoned. 

Watermelon was a little underweight when she arrived, but otherwise seems to be in good health. She is the smaller of the duo and appears to be quite pregnant. We are waiting on test results to confirm if we have piglets on the way! 

When you visit the farm, you will most likely find Watermelon with her sheep friends, as she prefers the company of the sheep to the other pigs. 

The Piglets

Breed: Potbelly
Birthday: August 6, 2021

Meet the seven newest residents of the farm: Maisy, Peppa, Archie, Waddles, Pua, Hamilton, and Checkers! These little guys are a whopping 2 pounds and are getting adjusted to life at the farm in the nursery pen. 

These guys will be available for adoption when they are 12 weeks old! These are standard potbelly pigs and will be about 80-100 pounds as adults. 

Upcoming Project: Piggy Paradise

Our next project for the pigs at the farm is to expand their space into three separate spaces! This project will have a whimsical “Three Little Pigs” theme including houses made of brick, stick, and straw. We will add several enrichment items for the pigs, including toys and bathing pools!