All About Goats! 

We currently have two (or three) breeds of goats at the farm. The majority of out goats are Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We also have one Boar goat rescue and one Mini Nubian (we think) rescue. Goats are full of energy and love to climb and bounce all around their pen. We are currently under construction on our new Giggling Goat Treehouse! Scroll below to learn more about the goats on our farm and some fun facts about Goats!

Meet the Herd!


Breed: Mini Nubian (?)
Birthday: November 20, 2011 (?)

Old man Chester is one of our first rescue stories for the farm. He was brought to us by a concerned neighbor who found him abandoned at her house. He was very underweight and extremely skittish when we brought him home.

After months of working with him, proper care, diet, and nutrition, Chester is happy and healthy! We believe Chester is at least 9 years old, but he will live out his life at the farm. He is also the dad of our twin boys, Kevin and Arnold!

When you visit, Chester will most likely be sitting on his porch where he likes to keep an eye on all of the kids running around. If you are lucky, he might come up for a snack! 


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: March 14, 2020

Lazlo was the very first goat we welcomed to the farm! We got him as a baby and he recently celebrated his first birthday. 

Little Lazlo is harness trained and loves to walk around with us during the day. He never is too far from his buddy, Ridge.

While all goats need Vitamin B, Lazlo has a little bit of a hard time getting everything he needs from his diet and minerals. This special boy has to have regular vitamin supplements which means he sometimes has a hard time keeping his balance on the playground. Thankfully, his friends are perfectly happy playing with him on the ground! 


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: June 8, 2018

Mabel is a very sassy little goat that never says no to a snack. We love this chunky girl who is the new mom to two little boys!

Mabel got a serious sinus infection when she was young that ate away at some of the bone in her nose. While she is healthy and happy now, it left her with a little bit of a crooked snoot. She has since been given a clean bill of health and we are working on her weight next! 

When you visit miss Mabel at the farm, don’t be alarmed if you see pool noodles on her horns. We are trying to teach her to share her snacks with the other goats and not headbutt everything! In the meantime, we are baby proofing. 


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: June 20, 2019

Mama Mel is the older sister of Ridge, mom of Bucksley, and her two new babies Laurel, and Twitch! 

Mel came to us with her current baby, Bucksley in December. She was bred again shortly after Bucksley was born before she came to live with us. She is a great mom, but will not be having babies again any time soon. We want to make sure our moms have plenty of time to recover and remain happy, healthy goats! 

When you visit, you will find mama Mel chasing around her two new little ones with Bucksley not far behind! 


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: September 15, 2020

Ridge is a very energetic, friendly baby goat who spends most of his time bouncing off the walls and playing with his friend, Lazlo! 

Ridge is always up to something around the farm. When he isn’t looking for something to climb, he loves to ride in the feed wagon around to greet all of the other animals. He is full of personality as you can see, with him blowing raspberries in his photo.

Ridge will most likely be climbing the tree stumps in his pen when you visit or climbing on the fence waiting for a snack!


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: November 3, 2020

Bucksley was our first baby goat at the farm! He came to us in December with his mom, Mel. 

Bucksley is full of personality and wants all of the attention from guests at the farm. He has a strange hatred of phones and screams whenever someone talks on the phone in front of him. He is a huge mama’s boy and is having a hard time adjusting to life as an older brother! 

When you visit the farm, Bucksley will most likely be right with his mom, Mel and screaming for someone to bring him snacks.


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: March 22, 2016

Miss Sugar is our oldest female goat at the farm. She as sweet as her name suggests, and loves to lay in the sunshine all day. She is easy to spot in the heard because she’s one of the bigger Nigerian Dwarfs and has the unique characteristic of blue eyes.

Sugar came to live with us from a dairy farm. She is unable to get pregnant, so she was unable to provide the farm with milk. Her previous owners loved her very much and wanted her to go to a place where she could live out her life happily. 

Miss Sugar is a great aunt to all of the babies in the heard and is frequently found snuggling with all of them in the barn. We love this sweet girl and she has a forever home with us! 


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: April 15, 20121

Little Laurel is one of four babies from our spring kidding, and the only girl! She is the twin sister of Twitch, and mini me of her mom, Mel. She runs the show with all of the boys. 

When you visit the farm, don’t be surprised if Laurel greets you at the gift shop! We let our baby goats run around the center of the farm while we are open. Laurel is frequently caught climbing the picnic tables watching the cars or climbing on the benches around the park! This girl also has a love/hate relationship with our pup, Ollie, and is often playing tag with him.

All of our babies have been handled everyday and love getting held. When you visit, join us for Giggling Goat interactions where you can hold our baby goats and take photos with them!


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: April 15, 20121

Twitch is one of four babies from our spring kidding. He is the twin brother of Laurel and little brother of Bucksley.

When you visit the farm, Twitch will be bouncing all over the place around the farm. We let our baby goats run around the center of the farm while we are open. He is usually right behind Laurel running up to people trying to sneak a snack! This little guy loves to climb on the wagons and ride around with the kiddos. 

All of our babies have been handled everyday and love getting held. When you visit, join us for Giggling Goat interactions where you can hold our baby goats and take photos with them!


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: June 10, 2021

Kevin is the twin brother of Arnold and looks just like his dad, Chester! Kevin and Arnold were surprise babies since we did not think their mom, Mabel, was pregnant. Kevin is also our only spring baby with the unique characteristic of blue eyes.

Kevin is the smaller of the brothers, but don’t let that fool you. What he lacks in size he makes up for in dexterity and speed! This little guy climbs on anything and everything he can and jumps off of it. he loves running and jumping off tree stumps, tables, and even his brother! 

All of our babies have been handled everyday and love getting held. When you visit, join us for Giggling Goat interactions where you can hold our baby goats and take photos with them!


Breed: Nigerian Dwarf
Birthday: June 10, 2021

Arnold is the twin brother of Kevin and youngest of the four babies in our spring kidding. even though Arnold is the youngest, he is the biggest of all four babies! Arnold was a surprise baby since we did not know their mom, Mabel, was pregnant. 

Arnold loves to follow around his brother, Kevin. Wherever Kevin goes, Arnold is sure to be right on his heels! Their sibling rivalry to see who can run the fastest or who can jump the highest is one of the highlights of our day! 

All of our babies have been handled everyday and love getting held. When you visit, join us for Giggling Goat interactions where you can hold our baby goats and take photos with them!


Breed: Boer
Birthday: August 5, 2003

Michelle is one of our newest rescues at the farm. She came to live with us her donkey friend, Merle. With the expected lifespan of Boer goats to be 12-15, Michelle is doing great as approximately an 18 year old goat!

Michelle’s previous owner passed away earlier in the year. A concerned neighbor was able to fine homes for all of the animals on the property except for Michelle and Merle. These two have been together since birth as they were both raised together. 

We decided not to integrate Michelle into our goat herd so she could stay with her friend, Merle. She is about twice the size of our other goats so she is perfectly fine living with our horses in the big pasture.

Giggling Goat
Treehouse Project

We are under construction on our next project at the farm! This treehouse will be three stories and offer plenty of places for the goats to climb, explore, and play. The main platform on the treehouse will have a large deck and access to a lookout point on top of the new mini shelter for the goats. The treehouse shelter will have bunk beds for the goats. 


Our adult goats eat Purina Goat All-Stages and kids it Purina Goat Grower. We offer our goats grain once a day and they have access to Costal Hay all day. We like to give the goat special snacks such as vines, branches, and bushes to munch on as well throughout the week. One of their favorite snacks are evergreen branches.


Goats need a variety of minerals and supplements provided to them on top of their regular diet. Goats need access to loose minerals with a copper and loose baking soda. Goats use the baking soda to settle their stomachs, similar to an antacid for humans. Some goats, like Lazlo, need periodic doses of Vitamins added to their diet.

Veterinary Care

We have a veterinany care plan for all of our animals following the USDA guidelines. We have a daily observation checklist for the goats every morning. They are on a yearly vaccine schedule and quarterly deworming schedule.  All of our goats are seen by a vet every 6 months for a checkup and periodically as needed to keep them happy and healthy.

Fun Facts About Goats

1. Goats were brought to America by Columbus in 1493.

2. Goats were the first domesticated farm animal to be used for milk by humans.

3. There are 210 different breeds of goats and over 450 million in the world. China has the most goats with over 170 million.

4. Baby goats can stand and walk immediately after they are born.

5. Goats have 24 molars and browse on grass, clovers, twigs, and ivy.

6. Goats live to be 8-12 years old.

7. Goats do not like to get wet

8. Goats can jump 5 feet.

9. Goats milk is higher in calcium and vitamin a than cows milk

10. Coffee was first discovered by goats when they noticed the animals having unusual amounts of energy after eating the beans.

11. Both boy and girl goats can have a beard.

12. Goats have rectangular pupils.

13. Goats have two horns unless they are “polled” meaning genetically hornless, or their horns have been removed.

14. Goats are ruminant animals. They have a four-chambered stomach that consists of the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum, and the abomasum.

15. Goats tails are shorter and poit up, where sheep tails hang down and are longer and bigger.

16. Goats are browsing animals, not grazers like cattle and sheep. They will chew and taste just about anything remotely resembling plant matter to decide whether it is good to eat including cardboard, clothing, and paper.

17. They prefer to browse on the tips of woody, shrubs and trees as well as the occasional broad-leaved plant.

18. Goats like vines, such as kudzu, shrubbery, and weeds.

19. Goats are naturally curious.

20. Goats are prone to pneumonia, foot rot, internal parasites, and rabies. Goats need lots of vitamins and need access to vitamins at all times.