All About Donkeys

Donkeys are versatile farmhands! They can be used for protection, light work, riding, and companion animals. We currently have two minis and one mammoth donkey at the farm. Learn more about them below!

Meet the Herd!


Breed: Miniature Mediterranean
Birthday: January 20, 2020

Little Zach is a yearling donkey. Measuring 35 inches tall, he is the smallest of the donkeys and has come along way since arriving at the farm in February.

When he first arrived, we couldn’t go anywhere near him without frightening him and it took over an hour to catch him. He was very headstrong and did not like to be cooperative. After months of hard work and hugs, he has made a huge improvement! 

Now when you visit he comes right up to the fence for treats and pets, as long as his buddy, Bo, is by his side.


Breed: Miniature Mediterranean
Birthday: February 2, 20218

Bo the boisterous mini donkey stands 36 inches tall and is full of personality. He is slightly bigger than his friend, Zach, and every inch counts when you are three feet tall.

Bo had no problems settling in and taking over the farm when he arrived. He loves to follow us around the pen, chase his friend, Zach, around, and blow raspberries at his much larger neighbors. However, his new pasture mate, Trigger the mini horse, has been challenging his top spot.

When you visit the farm, Bo will be right beside his treat feeder or playing with Zach all around his pen!


Breed: Mammoth Donkey
Birthday: August 4, 2003

Merle is the only mammoth donkey at the farm, and the only Jenny. This old girl is one of our new rescues. She came to live with us with her friend, Michelle, the goat. 

Merle and Michelle’s previous owner passed away and a concerned neighbor found homes for all of the farm animals on the property. She was able to successfully find homes for all of the animals except Merle and Michelle. Thankfully we were able to take both of them in and they will live their lives out here. 

We decided to leave Merle and Michelle together since they have been together their entire life. When you visit the farm, Merle will be with the horses and next to her lifetime friend.

Fun Facts About Donkeys

  1. China has more donkeys than any other country in the world.
  2. A mule is a cross between and donkey and a horse. Mules are very strong and bigger than donkeys.
  3. A boy donkey is called a jack. A girl donkey is called a Jenny. 
  4. Donkeys make a loud “hee-haw” sound called a braying.
  5. Donkeys are also called burros.
  6. There are wild donkeys in Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Mississippi.
  7. Donkeys live up to 40 years if given proper care.
  8. Donkeys eat about 5% of their body weight in hay every day and are prone to overeating and obesity.
  9. Donkeys are very intelligent and have excellent memories. They remember places, owners, and other animals very well and develop close bonds.
  10. Donkeys are often kept as guard animals for sheep and cows.