All About Cows

We have an adorable mother/daughter pair of Dexter cows at the farm right now! Dexter cows are the smallest natural cow breed, standing at just 36-40 inches tall. Dexters are native to Ireland and raised for both meat and dairy. These cows are dubbed the “Poor Man’s Cow” because they are rather low maintenance and ideal for small farms like ours! Interested in adding a Dexter cow to your hobby farm? Contact us for our breeder recommendation!

Meet the Herd

Mary Belle

Breed: Dexter
Birthday: September 1, 2016

Miss Mary Belle is the perfect blend of sweet and sassy and the proud mom of little baby Annabelle. 

Mary Belle can be quite the drama queen and does not care who knows it. She likes her particular snacks, and will spit out any unacceptable flavors. Her favorites are apple snacks and do not try to sneak in a peppermint treat. She knows the difference! She also has gotten quite spoiled about her barn and hates getting wet. If it starts raining, she will bellow from the barn so we will bring her food and water in the barn and she doesn’t have to get wet. Mary Belle is a big puppy and loves ear scratches and belly rubs. 

When you visit the farm, Mary Belle will most likely be in her barn or on her “island” at the back of the pen. Just shake the gate and say, “come here Marybelle,” and she will be on her way with little one in tow.


Breed: Dexter
Birthday: March 29, 2021

Little Annabelle is the star of the show as our only large animal baby at the farm. This pint size ball of play is a staff favorite, and will be yours too! 

Annabelle was born slightly earlier than expected and weighed just 18 pounds as a newborn! Thankfully, she was perfectly healthy and will stay at the farm with her mom. Even though she started out smaller than average, she has grown very quickly and now tips the scales at closer to 120 pounds. She has just started eating grain and treats, and this smart girl waisted no time learning the treat feeder! 

Annabelle is full of energy and loves to run, jump, and bounce all over her pen much to her mom’s chagrin. However, wherever mom goes Annabelle is not far behind. If you are lucky, when you visit Annabelle will be ready for some snack snacks and scratches! 

Dexter Cow Fun Facts 

  1. Dexter cows are about half the size of traditional Hereford cows and a third of the size of Holstein Friesian milking cows. 
  2. Dexters are a relatively rare breed of cows and are now recovering species based on the Livestock Conservancy.
  3. Dexters have three coat colors: black, red, and dun or brown.
  4. Most dexters are naturally polled or hornless, but a few can grow horns. Females’ horns grow up, while males’ horns grow outward and curve. 
  5. Dexters are a triple purpose breed and can be used for milk, beef, and stock. 
  6. Dexter milk is very rich and they can produce 1.5-2.5 gallons of milk per day.
  7. Dexters are naturally small cow breed and not a result of dwarfism or inbreeding.
  8. Dexters are very hardy and do not need much land to thrive.