Summer Camps are back for 2022!

Does your child love animals and wants a screen free, hands on experience where they can learn more about them? We have the perfect summer camp for you! 

Future Zookeepers is up to an 8 week program on Friday or Saturdays for kids 8 and up. Children will get to learn all about different types of domestic and exotic animals including their diet, grooming, veterinary care, and more! 

Start Date: June 3 & 4
Time: 10 AM – 1 PM
Cost: $200

When registering 2 children: $175 each
When registering 3 or more children: $150 each

Members are 50% off

Camp Schedule

Our Future Zookeeper summer camp is designed for children 8 and up. We can offer some flexibility to accommodate siblings so they can participate together. 

Week 1 – June 3-4: The Ins and Outs of Ballyhoo Zoo

Learn all about how to care for our many animals at the zoo, including our exotics! This includes our behind the scenes into our animal care plan, feeding routine, and other farm duties. 

Closer look: Emus and other poultry

Week 2 – June 10-11: Baby Animals Everywhere

There are lots of babies at the farm that require a great deal of attention! Learn about the care that goes into raising healthy babies and snuggle some of the newborns.

Closer look: Patagonian Cavy and other small animals

Week 3 – June 17-18: Animal Rescuers & Doctors

More than a third of the animals at the farm are rescues. Visit our animal quarantine and hospital to see how these rescues are evaluated and treated. 

Closer look: Zonkeys and other hoof stock

Week 4 – June 24-25: Friend or Foe

With the many species at the farm, not all are cuddly and cute! Learn about safety guidelines for the different species, big and small! 

Closer look: Iguana and other reptiles

Week 5 – July 8-9: Habitats & Enrichment

We like to spoil our animals at ballyhoo and keep them happy, healthy, and entertained! Help us design habitats for our exotic animals and create animal enrichment items for our farm animals.

Closer look: Kune Kunes and other pigs.

Week 6 – July 15-16: Animal Conservation & Preservation

Many species in the wild are endangered and threatened in their natural habitat. Learn about how to protect them and preserve their home. 

Closer look: Prairie Dogs and other endangered species

Week 7 – July 22-23: Homesteaders!

Homesteading is a very practical way to be self sustaining and many animals help with this. Learn all about the different animals and the job they do in farms.

Closer look: Alpacas and other farm animals

Week 8 – July 29-30: ZooQuest

Put all of the knowledge you have learned to the test as we let the future zookeepers compete with an epic scavenger hunt.