Fun for the whole family! 

Join us for this safe, family-friendly Halloween festival at the farm! We will have activities and games everyone will love, including trick or treating for kids 12 and under! Join us from 9 AM – 9 PM on Saturday, October 30 and Sunday 1 PM – 9 PM. 

Games and animal interactions will be available until 6 PM! Trick or Treating will begin at 6 PM – 9 PM. Parents must accompany their children through the farm for trick or treating.

Interactions + Activities

Interactions are 30 minutes and included with admission  Please note that all adult domestic animals will be out all day for feeding & petting. The timed interactions below are just for the baby animals and exotic interaction times. Activities will be available all day and included with admission unless otherwise specified. Some activities may require sign up in advance. Stay tuned for full schedule.

During the Day

Saturday from 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday from 1 PM – 6 PM

NEW! Dragon’s Den:   Get up close and personal with our bearded dragons! Take photos with our beardies and feed them live worms and crickets to watch them hunt! Space for this interaction will be limited

NEW! Patagonian Cavy Corner:   Enter the enclosure with our Patagonian Cavys and help us give them some of their favorite snacks! These guys are quite nervous around new people, so space for this interaction will be limited.

NEW! Prairie Dog Plains:   Meet and feed our three little prairie dogs some of their favorite snacks, carrots! Prairie dogs can be a little temperamental, so this interaction will have limited availability as well.

Bunny Cuddles: This visitor favorite will be available throughout the day. Join us during this interaction time to cuddle some of our baby bunnies and take photos! 

Giggling Baby Goats: Play with some of our bouncing baby goats! This interactions will be available throughout the day for guest to hold our baby goats and watch them bounce all around the farm!

Baby Piglet Palooza: This visitor favorite   is back for a limited time with our seven new baby pot belly piglets! Visitors will get to hold the baby piglets. You might want your earplugs for this one! Piglets are very loud! 

Halloween Costume Contest + Halloween Photos: Visitors of all ages can participate in this Halloween Costume Contest! We will have contests for adults, kids, and toddlers. Drop by anytime throughout the day to take photos with our baby bunnies to enter the contest. 

Spider Hunt: Sorry parents, this is just for the kids 12 and under! We have a spider problem at the farm! In this halloween version of flag football, children will need to find and remove all of the spiders and spider eggs in the farm! This interaction will only be offered  twice per day , so stay tuned for the final schedule! 

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt: We have lots of scarecrows around the farm this time of year! Can you spot all of them! Pick up a scavenger hunt from the gift shop when you arrive.

Hay Day Maze: Navigate the hay bale maze! For  kids 5 and under.

Festival & Yard Games: Available for All ages!

After Dark

Saturday & Sunday from 6 PM – 9 PM

Trick or Treating!: Booths will be decorated and set up throughout the farm for kids 12 and to trick or treat through the zoo! Candy (peanut free) and prizes will be given at each booth. Parents must accompany kids through the park for trick or treating. 

Are you a local business who would like to decorate a booth? Contact us below!

Halloween Costume Contest + Halloween Photos: Continuing all day!  Visitors of all ages can participate in this Halloween Costume Contest! 

Jack O’lantern Contest & Display: Do you have expert Jack O’lantern carving skills? Bring your Jack O’lantern to the farm and enter to win tickets to our Harvest Festival in November! Jack O’lantern display will be lit from 6 PM – 9 PM.

S’MORE-Gas-Bord & Bonfire: Roast  marshmallows over the fire and build your own s’more! 

Sponsor a Booth!  

Individuals, families, clubs, and business can sponsor a booth for free! Booth sponsors will need to bring all of their supplies and any freebies they want to pass out. Ballyhoo will provide candy. Please remember to keep all booths G rated and not too spooky.


BallyBOO Both Sponsorships

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