Unique Animal Encounters

Hands on interactions with our animals are offered weekly.

Encounters are 15-20 minutes and space is limited depending on the interaction. Please call us to make reservations in advance. Reservations can also be made at the door. See the details for the encounters below. 

Paid interactions are not due until the day of your event and subject to change based on availability. 

Encounter Highlight: Patagonian Cavy Corner

Encounter Options

Bunny Bungalows

Cuddle with out bunnies, take photos, and feed them their daily treats and vegetables. Available all day.

Re-Opening June 2023

Sheep Snuggles

Snuggle our baby sheep and take photos. Offered seasonally during lambing season. Available all day.

Re-Opening Fall 2023

Giggling Goats

Play with our baby goats and take photos. Offered seasonally during kidding season. Available all day.

Re-Opening Fall 2023

Piglet Palooza

Hold our baby pigs, take photos, and give them snacks. Offered seasonally during farrowing season. Available all day.

Re-Opening Fall 2023

Iguana Island

Interact with our iguanas and hold our species ambassador. Available once daily.

Re-Opening Fall 2023

Dragon’s Den

Meet our bearded dragons, Whiskey and Toledo. Guests get to hold them and take photos.

Re-Opening June 2023

Lucky Ducky

Help with our daily enrichment with our ducks, Puddles and Bubbles. Available twice daily. 

Re-Opening June 2023

Cavy Corner

Meet our Patagonian Cavy ambassador, Weeder, and help give them their daily enrichment. Available four times daily.

Available Now

Prairie Dog Plains

Cuddle with our Prairie Dog species ambassador, Caroline. Guests can take photos and give them treats. Available four times daily.

Re-Opening Fall 2023

Jumping Joey

Interact with our new baby kangaroo, Skippy. Guests can pet him and give him his daily enrichment. Available twice daily.

Available Now

Tortoise Time

Help give our African Spurred Tortoise species ambassador, Poseidon, his daily vegetables. Available twice daily. 

Available now

Alpaca Plaza

Snuggle our alpacas, give them treats, and take photos with Oden and Tyco. Available twice daily.

Available Now

Emu Outback

In this encounter, guests can feed our emus and help us with their daily enrichment. Not recommended for children under 4. Available all day.

Available now

Aviary Adventure

Enter our aviary and feed our Parakeets, Doves, and Pigeons. Guests can hold them while they eat. Available all day.

Available Now

Pony Pals

Kids can ride our pony, Whip, around the farm! This is only available for kids under 100lbs. Only available in the mornings.

Available now 

Snake City

Coming Soon