All About Alpacas

We have two alpaca sisters at the farm! Alpacas are from South America and like to live high in the Andes. Alpacas are domesticated and raised traditionally for their fiber in the United States. Learn more about our girls below!

Meet the Herd! 


Breed: Huacaya/Llama
Birthday: August 25, 2016

Honey is as sweet as she sounds and the gentile giant of the two. She’s an alpaca/llama cross so she is larger in size than her sister and lighter in color. 

Miss Honey is usually more hesitant than her sister, Yolanda, but is getting more confident every day. She took a little time to warm up to us when she first arrived, but now loves all of the attention she gets at the farm. She is very food motivated and will gladly visit with you for a snack.

Honey likes to hang out by the river in the sunshine most of the day, but is not far behind her sister if there are snacks involved.


Breed: Huacaya
Birthday: August 30, 2017

Yolanda is very outgoing and full of personality. This girl always looks a little grumpy, but do not let her scowl fool you, she loves the attention. 

Yolanda is much bolder than her shy sister and is always first to investigate something new. She is the smaller of the two with more of a ginger coloring, fitting for her personality. Even though she usually has her ears back and is making a grumpy face, she really does love the attention and is always first up to the fence when visitors arrive. 

Yolanda likes to hang out at the corner of the pen between her and the cows when you visit.


Our alpacas eat Mazuri special formulated food for Alpacas and Llamas, although the majority of their diet is made up of hay and grasses.


Alpacas are designed to spend most of the day in the sun in the Andes mountains. Because of this, they need high amounts of Vitamin D in their diet and all alpacas in the US need this additive.


Alpacas get yearly vaccines along with our other animals, but they also need yearly sheering. Alpacas cannot shed, so they are sheared every spring to keep them from overheating in the summer.

Fun Facts About Alpacas

  1. Alpacas’ average lifespan is 20 years.
  2. Alpacas do not usually spit like Llamas.
  3. There are two breeds of alpacas: huacaya and sure. Huacaya alpacas make up about 90% of the population.
  4. Alpacas have strong herd instincts and cannot live alone.
  5. Alpacas are claustrophobic and do not like small or enclosed spaces.
  6. Alpacas are much lighter than they look, usually weighing about 120-140 pounds. 
  7. Alpacas do not have teeth in the top of their mouths. 
  8. A female alpaca is called a Maiden.
  9. A baby alpaca is called a Cria
  10. A male alpaca is called a Stud.