Accessibility & Accommodations
We want everyone to feel welcome and have fun!

We strive to make our facility as accessible and accommodating to guests as possible. We offer early/late admission, individual encounters, quiet zones, and masked interactions upon request at no additional cost. Please contact us or read our accessibility options by clicking the link below.

What To Expect When You Visit

We want your visit to be as fun and safe as possible! Please check out our admission guides below.

Wheelchairs + Walkers

We have a wheelchair-accessible restroom, gift shop, and entrances. All animal interactions are accessible or adaptable. The paths are powdered gravel with a 5% grade or less to all of the pens, or an alternative route option is available. Benches are available throughout the grounds for guests to sit and enjoy the animals.

*We are currently working on a more wheel-friendly pathway.


Since all activities are outdoors, we do not require masks while attending the Zoo. However, we still encourage social distancing and offer accommodations for high-risk guests. There are hand sanitation stations throughout the groups, and a restroom with soap and hot water available for guests.

Please reach out before you visit us for early/late admission arrangements, individual encounters, and masked interactions.

Sensory Sensitivity

We understand that our sensory-sensitive visitors love the animals, not the noise or groups. We do have a quiet zone available for sensory sensitive guests. We also have a designated quite hour in the morning between 9-10 where we do not have tours, parties, or groups. 

Please reach out before you visit us for early/late admission arrangements and individual encounters.

The loudest time of the day is between 2-4 when the animals are fed.